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How Can I Be Sure My AI Isn’t Stealing?

Brand Protection in a Socially Influenced World In today's digitally connected and socially influenced environment, safeguarding a brand's integrity has never been more important. Using unethical or thieving AI software can cause irreparable damage to your business’ reputation and lead to significant legal trouble. A tarnished reputation not only diminishes customer trust but can incur…

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An AI-generated image of four people, three women and a man, browsing the internet in their home kitchen.

Can AI Save Businesses Money?

Leveraging AI Software for Innovation Embracing AI generated content presents businesses with unprecedented opportunities to economize and innovate. From establishing self-sufficiency to reducing costs and turnaround time, AI generated images represent a world of possibility.  Reduce Costs in Creative Processes AI generated images reduce or eliminate the need for extensive storyboarding, mock-up production, photoshoots, and…

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Wowzer AI Unveils Groundbreaking All-in-One Platform for Revolutionary Content Creation

ORINDA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Wowzer AI is thrilled to announce its official launch, introducing a free, all-in-one platform designed to revolutionize content creation for both creative professionals and enthusiasts. Wowzer stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly solution, providing access to top-tier AI models, cutting-edge model training, and prompt assistance, with more advanced features coming…

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How AI-Generated Art is Impacting the Tattoo Industry

In the short time since AI-generated tools hit the mainstream market, they've only gotten better. It’s getting increasingly difficult to discern reality and computer-generated imagery due to the rapid advancements in technology and the growing availability of said solutions. This impacts everyone in a creative role, including artists who have spent their lives mastering the long-standing trade of…

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