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Wowzer Weekly Design Contest

Get creative and win credits!
CONTEST DATES: april 10th - APRIL 16th


Welcome to Wowzer Weekly's latest challenge: Neo-Noir! Dive into a world of gritty intrigue and shadowy allure as you explore the depths of generative AI art. Picture dystopian cityscapes bathed in neon hues, mysterious figures lurking in dimly lit alleyways, and enigmatic narratives unfolding in every pixel. Dare to create.

Winners get:
• First place: 500 credits
• Second place: 350 credits
• Third place: 200 credits
• Participation (everybody wins!): 10 credits for your first entry


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Challenge Guidelines

For official rules, click here.

  1. All challenges run for one week, starting at 12pm CT on Tuesday and ending the following Tuesday at 12pm CT.
  2. Submissions must be original and generated for this contest using Wowzer.
  3. Logos, brand names, and other identifiable commercial markings must be obscured.
  4. Submit up to 3 images
  5. Winners will be notified within 48 hours of the close of each challenge.

To submit an image:

1. Create images in

2. Click the three dots more option. Then click ‘Submit to Wowzer Weekly!’

3. Submit up to 3 images to appear on the Wowzer Weekly contest tab.

Participate in the voting:

1. Go to the Wowzer Weekly tab at

2. Click the heart icon to vote on an image to win the contest. Add up to 3 votes.

3. Share with friends to get in on the vote!