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  • 100 credits/mo.
  • Multi-model
  • DALL-E 3 Standard
  • Threads and Boards 
  • Incentives to earn credits
  • 5 GB storage
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  • Everything in Studio AND
  • 100 bonus credits on signup
  • Credits roll over
  • DALL-E 3 HD
  • Ability to purchase more credits ($10 for 500 credits)
  • Keep images private
  • 50 GB Storage
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  • Everything in Membership AND
  • Advanced IP protection
  • Guaranteed commercially-safe model providers
  • Advanced image editing



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Wowzer is the first and only one-stop-shop for all your generative content creation needs. We provide the lowest cost and simplest interface to create images as fast as you can imagine them.  It’s as easy as 1 Wowzer credit = 1 image! 

You no longer will need multiple subscriptions to access different generative models, like SDXL 1.0 and Dall-E 3.

Yes! Wowzer Studio is a free tier that includes a monthly quota of Wowzer credits. These credits can be used for your creative projects within our platform. Stay tuned for Wowzer contests and incentives for ways to earn more free credits

A Wowzer Membership provides you access to premium content generation features, and also provides you the ability to purchase more Wowzer Credits. Wowzer Credits are only $0.02 per image, and you’ll have access to all Wowzer Models. 

Wowzer brings together the industry leading Generative AI models into a single interface. So you can now compare the results from one model, side-by-side to another model, without having to switch tabs back and forth. Stay tuned for more powerful features like cross-model seed prompting. 

To access Wowzer, you simply need to sign up by visiting our landing page and clicking the “Get Started” or “Log in” button. From there, create your unique @username and you’re off to the content creation races! 

Wowzer AI is for you! We envision a future where creative professionals and enthusiasts alike are empowered to express their vision, and innovative ideas and concepts come to life with unprecedented speed and efficiency. 

Our passion is to inspire creativity and elevate human expression with approachable and tailored generative AI

Yes! Wowzer AI is designed with Enterprise Grade Security controls and infrastructure to protect your intellectual property. We offer solutions for Model Fine Tuning, Secure Model Hosting, and a Blockchain to establish attribution and authorship of your content. Contact us to learn more.