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  • 20 credits/day, resets daily
  • Multi-model
  • Wowzer SDXL
  • Leonardo AI
  • Stable Diffusion 3, for a limited time
  • Boards, Sharing, Follow Creators
  • Logo Starter
  • Incentives to earn credits
  • 5 GB storage
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  • Everything in Studio AND
  • 100 bonus credits on signup
  • 40 credits/day, resets daily
  • DALL•E 3 HD
  • Ability to purchase more credits ($10 for 500 credits)
  • Private images
  • 50 GB Storage
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  • Volume credit pricing
  • Corporate billing
  • Private images
  • Starter image (coming soon)
  • (coming soon)
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About Wowzer

Wowzer is the first and only one-stop-shop for all your generative content creation needs. We provide the lowest cost and simplest interface to create images as fast as you can imagine them. It’s as easy as 1 Wowzer credit = 1 image!

Our passion is to inspire creativity and elevate human expression with approachable and tailored generative AI. You no longer will need multiple subscriptions to access different generative models, such as Leonardo AI, Dall-E 3, Stable Diffusion 3, and Wowzer SDXL. 

Stay tuned as we add more models and features to Wowzer.

Yes! Wowzer Studio is a free tier that lets you generate images for free. Come back daily to use your 20 Wowzer credits = 20 images. These credits can be used for your creative projects within our platform. You can earn more free credits in Wowzer Weekly contests. 

Look out for other incentives for ways to earn more free credits.

A Wowzer Membership provides you access to premium content generation features, and the ability to purchase more Wowzer Credits. Wowzer Credits are only $0.02 per image, and you’ll have access to more Wowzer models.

Wowzer brings together the industry leading Generative AI models into a single interface. So you can now compare the results from one model, side-by-side to another model, without having to switch tabs back and forth and create profiles on multiple sites.

Stay tuned for more powerful features like cross-model seed prompting.

To access Wowzer, you simply need to sign up by visiting our landing page and clicking the “Get Started” or “Log in” button. From there, create your unique @username, and you’re off to the content creation races!

Wowzer AI is for you! We envision a future where creative professionals and enthusiasts alike are empowered to express their vision, and innovative ideas and concepts come to life with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Yes! Wowzer AI is designed with Enterprise grade security controls and infrastructure to protect your intellectual property.

We offer solutions for Model Fine Tuning, Secure Model Hosting, and a Blockchain to establish attribution and authorship of your content. Learn more by submitting a Contact Us form.

Account & Membership

You can access your Wowzer account and your images at any time from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

For any questions, please submit a Support request on our Contact Us form.

From the left navigation pane, go to Your Profile, then Settings to access the logout function.

For both Studio and Membership plans, you will receive a certain amount of credits each day to use for your creations.

If you use them all – great! you will receive another allotment the next day. If you do not use them all, we will “top up” your credits to the correct amount according to the plan that you are on.

Image Generation

Some popular styles offered on Wowzer include:  Anime, Cinematic, Fantasy, Photography, Oil Painting, Graphic Design, etc. When you are signed-in, the lower right hand side of page has a Help section, a detailed Style Guide contains example images for each of the predefined styles.

TIP:  If you want to create life-like photographs, these models deliver optimal photo-realistic images: – SD3 (available to free Studio plan for limited time) – DallE-3 HD (available to paid Membership).

Wowzer has you covered and you can start creating AI images in minutes!

1. Start by typing what you want to see in the prompt field

2. Then click on the blue “Enhance” feature. The Wowzer engine will enrich your prompt with additional details that include style, lighting, etc.

3. You have the option to edit the Prompt further before you create images or click Create to start!

TIP:  There are lots of tutorials on YouTube, search for “Wowzer AI” to see how others generate images (one of our favorites is

When you view an image in full display mode, you will see a copy prompt option. Copy and then edit the instructions any way you like, then start creating your own new images!

Wowzer does not yet have image to image AI rendering available yet.

NOTE:  New features are getting added all the time, including the ability to start by uploading your own image and then using AI prompts to create something new from it.

When you generate images, you will select from one of three predefined Aspects on Wowzer:

Square 1024×1024

Portrait 768×1024

Landscape 1360×768

When viewing an image, Copy Link or use one of the Wowzer options to share the image directly to popular social networks such as:  Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Reddit, & LinkedIn.

NOTE: If you share an image link from Wowzer that was privately generated, users will be able to view your Creator profile and any of your public-generated images.

Each image that is available for use offline will have a download option from the image. You can also right-click an image to copy it and then paste into another program (such as MS Word/PPT, Google Slide, Canva).

Alternately, you can click to drag the image from the Wowzer UI then drop into another program (such as MS PPT, Canva).

Currently, you can show support for other Creators by liking their images and following Creators. Go to Following to see what those Creators have generated.

In addition, Wowzer Weekly is a themed contest where you can learn how a style is used by other Creators, submit your own entries and win free credits, and vote to show support for other Creator images.

We are working towards building a Wowzer Community where you can freely share your ideas with others and ask/answer questions of each other. Stay tuned!