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Leonardo AI Now Available on Wowzer AI’s Beginner-Friendly Platform

Wowzer delivers an easy-to-use version of the popular Leonardo generative AI model in its latest release

ORINDA, CAMay 7th, 2024/PRNewswire/ — Wowzer AI, the leading multi-model AI image generator and content workflow solution, is excited to announce the inclusion of Leonardo AI as the newest addition to its lineup of AI art models, alongside Stable Diffusion 3, Stable Diffusion XL, and DALL-E 3. Users can now explore Leonardo’s artistic styles and photo-realistic image generation with Wowzer’s signature ease of use.

An agnostic platform, Wowzer is dedicated to providing users with the most advanced, popular, and safest AI art models available in the industry. By introducing Leonardo to its lineup, Wowzer offers users a more diverse range of high-quality models that cater to various artistic styles and preferences. 

Leonardo is a sophisticated AI program especially renowned for creating visual content for video games. By accessing Leonardo through the Wowzer platform, users can enjoy the creative flair of Leonardo along with the added advantages of a streamlined user experience. Wowzer’s design is aimed at ensuring a user-friendly experience, especially for creators who are new to AI or who wish to compare image results from multiple AI models quickly and easily.

“The dynamic range and high-quality imagery achievable with Leonardo’s pipeline, offering both photorealistic and anime-themed content, is truly impressive. These capabilities provide an excellent complement to the powerful models already available on our platform,” said Michael Morris, Head of AI Engineering at Wowzer.

Offering more models in Wowzer means users see greater variety in the images they generate, helping them get to the results they want, faster. With upcoming features, users will be able to cross-pollinate between models; for example, taking the output of one model, and using it as input for other models, and mixing and matching images and styles to create one-of-a-kind images.

Wowzer plans to continue to introduce specialized models, like Leonardo, that cater to specific art styles and offer users additional benefits, such as commercially safe imagery that addresses intellectual property concerns.

Leonardo will be available on Wowzer on May 10, 2024.  

For media inquiries or more information about Wowzer AI, please contact:

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Wowzer AI
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Leonardo AI now available in our free plan, Wowzer Studio.