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Can AI Save Businesses Money?

In recent decades, digital technology has revolutionized the world of commerce. Processes that once took days or weeks to perform manually can now be completed in seconds by powerful computers and automated machines. In the last few years, however, a new technology has emerged with the potential to reinvent the industry once again—generative image AI.

Generative image AI describes a class of software that utilizes machine learning to produce stunning images quickly. Put to good and ethical use, AI content streamlines company efficiency by producing custom content and acting as an ideation, previsualization, and conceptualization tool.  

The Cost of Creativity: AI in Business 

Today, almost 80% of enterprises are investing in some form of AI. With AI software in their repertoire, businesses can choose to generate original content instead of sourcing stock images or hiring photographers, saving both time and money. 

AI art generators also serve as catalysts for creativity. While amateur creators may use AI-generated art as their final output, this can present legal and ethical challenges, so larger entities often use AI creations for detailed storyboards, mock-ups, or inspiration for creative projects, which are then refined or reproduced by professional artists into polished, production-ready artwork. 

Leveraging AI Software for Innovation

Embracing AI generated content presents businesses with unprecedented opportunities to economize and innovate. From establishing self-sufficiency to reducing costs and turnaround time, AI generated images represent a world of possibility. 

Reduce Costs in Creative Processes

AI generated images reduce or eliminate the need for extensive storyboarding, mock-up production, photoshoots, and more, allowing companies to significantly cut down on expenses associated with producing visual content. 

Enhance Variety and Speed

AI software makes it possible to quickly produce several different versions of a core concept, giving content creators the power to explore more options within the same timeframe.

Empower Small Businesses

Using AI art generation, smaller organizations that normally couldn’t afford to hire third parties can now produce logos, advertisements, newsletters, and other visuals internally.

Accelerating Creative Vision with AI Previsualization

AI previsualization tools empower photographers, designers, and developers to quickly produce highly detailed mock-ups of future projects. This allows them to quickly nail down a client’s vision or produce a comprehensive project pitch without investing significant time into a potentially risky project. In the animation industry, AI has facilitated the cost-effective exploration of character world-building for upcoming shows, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by providing a clear direction for upcoming seasons before hiring artists for the actual animation work.  

By encouraging their creative team to use previsualization tools like, companies can confidently taking steps towards innovation and ensure they are always ready to move forward with their creative endeavors.

Embracing AI Creativity with Wowzer

AI art generators present a unique opportunity for businesses to achieve substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies. By integrating AI-generated content into their creative workflows, companies can streamline processes, enhance creativity, and accelerate project timelines. Embracing AI with a strategic and informed approach can unlock new potential for businesses in the competitive digital marketplace. 

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