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Visual Narration: How to Make a Storyboard Using AI

In the film and animation industries, storyboards help content creators previsualize how a sequence of images or animations will appear on-screen. Each frame of a storyboard communicates information like shot composition, pacing, and camera angle. For team projects, storyboards help the director and producers align their creative vision with the practical work of animators, actors, and other stage crew. However, traditional hand-drawn storyboards have their limits.

With few exceptions, video projects are produced on a strict timeline determined by backers or studio shareholders. When human artists are taught how to make a storyboard, they tend to emphasize a “big picture” understanding of the material at the expense of small details. Most storyboards feature only the most important actors in a scene, omitting things like lighting, color, and background extras. Some early-draft storyboards might consist of stick figures and nothing else.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, you can generate AI images for free to create storyboards and quickly produce details that illustrate a sequence of events and lay the groundwork for camera movement, costuming, and more.

How to make a Storyboard using AI Generated Images

Using AI for storyboards streamlines the creative process by reducing the amount of time and effort required to produce a usable board and exposing creators to new and interesting story ideas.

Speed Up the Creative Process

Artists that learn how to use AI for storyboards never need to literally go back to the drawing board to make revisions by hand. With a free AI image generator, the entire storyboard process can now be completed in days, or even hours. Because AI generated images can be easily fed back into an AI model, revisions can be made quickly—without having to redraw the entire sketch. 

Add Variety and Scalability

Because AI image generators save time during the production and revision phases, learning how to use AI to produce storyboards gives artists more time to explore interesting story ideas and innovative cinematography. Ordinarily, a mid-production change in, say, character motivation would require an entirely new storyboard from scratch.

When artists use AI generated images for storyboards, they can simply feed edits—even substantial ones—into the AI image generator and create a new board in seconds. Artists can even generate dozens of free AI images at once to produce multiple storyboards with different endings, characters, and motivations that they can present to their team.

Develop Complex Ideas

Traditional storyboards are produced quickly to communicate the basic elements of a scene or sequence. They often include only essential characters and props and make extremely limited use of color. By using AI for storyboards, artists can generate dozens of AI images for free, allowing them to explore different lighting schemes, communicate light source positions, and illustrate character costumes—all while keeping tight deadlines.

With the additional information AI generated images provide, the film or animation crew can start work with a better idea of how the scene should look, cutting down on reshoots and visual overhauls. 

Visualize the Look and Feel of the Project

Users that aren’t sure how to get started making a storyboard should consider starting small with a stand-alone mood board. Mood boards are collections of images, colors, and abstract concepts that describe the feel of a scene. Because they’re less detailed, mood boards are a great way to teach new employees how to use AI to make a storyboard.

By using AI generated images to construct a mood board, users can nail down the exact look of a scene better than they could by brainstorming on their own. After laying out the mood of the production, users can feed those concepts, images, and colors directly into an AI image generator to produce detailed storyboards.

Cost-Effective Features of AI Generated Images

By partnering with an AI platform that allows users to generate AI images for free, production companies can improve the quality of their storyboards, cut turnaround times, and boost profits.

Save Creative Time and Money

Using AI generated images for storyboarding cuts down on the number of graphic designers and artists a project needs to deliver a satisfying product, keeping teams small and sustainable. Some AI image generators even allow users to generate AI images for free, further reducing the overhead costs associated with storyboard production.

By teaching artists how to leverage AI to make storyboards and combining design, revision, and illustration tools into a single free AI image generator, organizations can cut costs and allocate more of the project’s budget to things like special effects, or even stunts.

Boost Productivity

Using AI for storyboards allows production companies and freelance artists to take on more projects and generate conceptual AI images for free, cutting costs and boosting profits in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

Improve Ease of Use

Unlike traditional graphic design software like Photoshop and InDesign, AI image generators feature an intuitive and user-friendly interface design that makes creating vivid images easy. Some platforms—like—even feature AI-powered prompt assistance, so new team members can learn how to use AI to make a storyboard without having to dedicate hours to training with new software.

Enhance Team Versatility

Under normal circumstances, video production teams are highly specialized. The director directs, the cinematographer conceptualizes shots, and the graphic designer produces and revises storyboards. Early in production, the project hinges on the prompt work of the designer since nobody else on the team knows how to make a storyboard.

By taking advantage of user-friendly AI image generators, design novices—including producers and lighting experts—can learn how to create clear and concise AI generated images with very little training. Using an AI model to generate AI images for free allows professional designers to focus on fine-tuning video assets, props, or on-set graphics.

Using to Generate AI Images for Free is a cutting-edge, multi-model AI image generator that allows you to create vivid and detailed AI images and storyboards for free—even if you don’t know how to make a storyboard. From AI-assisted prompt creation to fine-tuning AI generated images in seconds, our advanced, yet intuitive AI image generator allows you to bring your vision to life.

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