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Multi-Model Image Generation

Create wow-worthy images across multiple top-tier models simultaneously.


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Featuring SDXL 1.0 and DALL-E-3 with more AI models coming soon!

Your one-stop shop for rapid ideation

Make your creative vision a reality with Wowzer AI, where you can generate, explore, and compare unique images from the world’s best AI models.

Discounted pricing is pay-as-you-go. Snag free credits simply by sharing the love in Wowzer Social, through contests, and more.

Perfect your prompts. Craft your creations. Share your selections. All in one place and for one low price. Join now for $3.99/month and, for a limited time, get double the credits

We make generative AI easy, fast & fun

what we do

Wowzer is your AI Image Discovery Engine

Frustrated with not getting the image you want from a single AI tool? Allow us to introduce you to Wowzer.

By generating results across multiple AI models at once, you get more diverse and dynamic results. And our Prompt Enhancer instantly turns any user into a Prompt Master for truly exceptional creations.

Experience the power of the world’s most-popular and most-secure AI models all in one place.

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Our Pricing Plans


  • 100 credits/mo. (credits expire)
  • Multi-model
  • DALL-E 3 Standard
  • Threads, Boards, Sharing
  • Incentives to earn credits
  • 5 GB storage
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  • Everything in Studio AND
  • Credits roll over
  • DALL-E 3 HD
  • Ability to purchase more credits: $10 for 500 credits
  • 50 GB Storage


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  • Everything in Membership AND
  • Advanced IP protection
  • Guaranteed commercially-safe model providers
  • Advanced image editing



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